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Plans are a weekly subscription and will be charged every week until cancelled by you

Everyday Essentials


Every Week
7 Meals

7 Chef-Curated Meals
$13.57 Per Meal

Essentials Plus


Every Week
10 Meals

10 Chef-Curated Meals
$12 Per Meal

Performance Boost


Every Week
14 Meals

14 Chef-Curated Meals
Most Popular
$11.79 Per Meal

Pro Acheiver


Every Week
18 Meals

18 Chef-Curated Meals
Lean Results
$10.83 Per Meal

Personal Consultation

Peak Performance


Every Week
21 Meals

21 Chef-Curated Meals
Ultimate Convenience
$10 Per Meal

Personal Consultation

Unity Feast


Every Week
28 Meals

28 Chef-Curated Meals
Perfect For 2
$9.82 Per Meal

Personal Consultation

Not Ready To Join The Club?

pick your meals hassle-free. With our Ala Carte plan, you choose exactly what you want, when you want it – no commitments, just delicious meals straight to your door. It's that simple!

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