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Weekly Menu

Choose From 21 Fresh Meals Each Week

Keto Fam Favorites

Delicious keto cheeseburger casserole featuring seasoned ground beef, melted cheese, diced tomatoes, and crispy bacon bits, baked to perfection

Cheeseburger Casserole

All your favorite cheeseburger flavors with some fresh bell peppers for added nutrition.

Carbs:8.5g Protein:33.4g Fat:39g Calories:540

Contains: Dairy

Gluten Free
Creamy keto chicken broccoli alfredo, with tender chunks of grilled chicken breast, vibrant green broccoli florets, and a rich Alfredo sauce

Chicken Broccoli Alfredo

White meat chicken breast medallions with broccoli florets in a rich, creamy parmesan Alfredo sauce. Decadent!

Carbs:2.9g Protein:43.5g Fat:23.4g Calories:419

Contains: Dairy

Gluten Free
Zesty green chili chicken bake, featuring tender chicken breasts smothered in a flavorful green chili sauce, topped with melted cheese and garnished with fresh cilantro.

Green Chili Chicken Bake

Yummy tender chicken, cheese & mild green chilis baked into a casserole for a very satisfying meal.

Carbs:4g Protein:33.2g Fat:12.6g Calories:273

Contains: Dairy

Gluten Free
Keto chicken pot pie with a twist – a savory biscuit topping! This low-carb delight features tender chunks of chicken, mixed vegetables, and a creamy sauce, topped with a golden, keto biscuit

Chicken Pot Pie

Bet you never thought you'd be able to have this on keto! Our version is a creamy veggie & chicken filled sauce, topped with our flaky keto biscuit. Yum!

Carbs:6.8g Protein:22.9g Fat:24.4g Calories:355

Contains: Dairy, Soy, Wheat

Savory street-style cauliflower and flavorful asada steak, grilled to perfection and served with a medley of onions, peppers, and zesty seasonings.

Street Style Cauliflower & Asada Steak

Asada marinated steak bites over seasoned, roasted cauliflower florets with a cotija cheese Crema. To die for.

Carbs:5.5g Protein:31.3g Fat:37.7g Calories:500

Contains: Dairy

Gluten Free
Delicious red chicken enchilada, featuring tender shredded chicken, rolled in a low carb tortilla, smothered in a rich red enchilada sauce, and topped with melted cheese and a sprinkle of fresh cilantro

Red Chicken Enchilada

Cheesy chicken enchilada made with a low carb wrap, topped with red enchilada sauce and even more cheesy! Hearty!

Carbs:10.6g Protein:26.6g Fat:15.3g Calories:302

Contains: Dairy, Wheat

philly cheesesteak bowl 2_edited.jpg

Philly Cheesesteak Bowl

Experience keto bliss: steak, onions, bell peppers, and mozzarella unite in a carb-conscious Philly cheesesteak bowl.

Carbs:2.8g Protein:38g Fat:45.6g Calories:582

Contains: Dairy

Gluten Free

Weekly Specials

Hearty breakfast featuring a stack of fluffy keto pancakes topped with zero sugar maple syrup, crispy bacon strips, and perfectly scrambled eggs

Pancakes, Eggs & Bacon

Keto pancakes with butter & syrup, fluffy scrambled eggs and crispy bacon.

Carbs:2.8g Protein:25.7g Fat:36.7g Calories:468

Contains: Dairy, Egg, Soy, Wheat

Keto Zuppa Toscana soup served with a flavorful garlic bread round

Zuppa Toscana With Garlic Bread

A little taste of Italy in this creamy broth made with Italian sausage, bacon, kale & spinach. Served with a keto garlic bread round. 

Carbs:4.6g Protein:25.2g Fat:30.1g Calories:410

Contains: Dairy, Soy Wheat

Delicious keto Sloppy Joe sandwich with creamy cauliflower Mac & Cheese, served on a keto-friendly bun

Sloppy Joe With Cali Mac & Cheese

Zesty, beefy Sloppy Joe meat (with a keto bun to the side) served with our cauliflower Mac & Cheese.

Carbs:5.8g Protein:34.8g Fat:24.5g Calories:396

Contains: Dairy, Wheat

Chicken Piccata with tender chicken breast, served alongside fresh broccoli

Chicken Piccata With Broccoli

Keto-breaded chicken breast that has been smothered in a white-wine caper butter sauce and served up with fresh broccoli spears.

Carbs:7.9g Protein:42.4g Fat:24.6g Calories:466

Contains: Egg

Gluten Free
Keto Chicken Carbonara with chicken, bacon, onions, and spinach in a creamy low-carb sauce

Chicken Carbonara

Rich, creamy & satisfying! The perfect blend of chicken breast, bacon, onions & spinach in a thick parmesan sauce. Delish!

Carbs:2.1g Protein:43.6g Fat:26g Calories:438

Contains: Dairy, Egg

Gluten Free
Butternut Lasagna: A delectable twist on classic lasagna, crafted with layers of tender butternut squash

Butternut Lasagna

We use tender, butternut squash instead of noodles and layer it with ricotta & mozzarella cheese and just the right amount of tomato sauce, A keto fam favorite!

Carbs:10.3g Protein:18g Fat:17.7g Calories:274

Contains: Dairy

Gluten Free
Keto patty melt with a twist, featuring a juicy burger patty topped with melted cheese, served on keto-friendly bread, accompanied by creamy cauliflower mac & cheese for a satisfying low-carb meal

Patty Melt With Cali Mac & Cheese

A generous beef patty with sauteed onions and melted cheese on keto bread and then grilled. Served with our cauliflower Mac & cheese.

Carbs:4.5g Protein:46.2g Fat:31.6g Calories:492

Contains: Wheat, Dairy, Soy

Keto Taco Bowl with savory beef, cheddar cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and a spicy kick of jalapenos

Taco Bowl

Yep, we do Mexican too! Start with some cauliflower rice and load it up with seasoned beef, cheddar cheese, sour cream, guacamole and jalapenos! Ole!

Carbs:7.2g Protein:33.5 Fat:33.2g Calories:536

Contains: Dairy

Gluten Free
bang bang shrimp_edited.jpg

Bang Bang Shrimp Lettuce Wraps

Grab you some butter lettuce, load it up with some keto-breaded & air-fried shrimp and cover it with that sweet chili bang-bang sauce we all know and love!

Carbs:0.99g Protein:21g Fat:20.9g Calories:277

Contains: Dairy, Egg, Shellfish

Gluten Free
Hamburger Steak served over creamy cauliflower mash, a hearty and keto-friendly meal

Hamburger Steak Over Cali Mash

Nothing like a juicy, seasoned ground beef steak with brown gravy over velvety cauliflower mashed potatoes to give you that home-cooked feeling.

Carbs:4.8g Protein:28.4g Fat:22.3g Calories:343

Contains: Dairy, Tree Nuts, Soy

Gluten Free
Indian Butter Chicken served over fragrant coconut-infused cauliflower rice, a delicious keto twist on a classic dish

Indian Butter Chicken Over Coconut Cali Rice

Inspired by the popular Indian dish, slow-cooked chicken breast in a creamy, tomato-based sauce over parsley rice, one of our keto fam favorites.

Carbs:5.3g Protein:38g Fat:19.9g Calories:374

Contains: Dairy

Gluten Free
chef salad new_edited.jpg

Chef Salad

The classic salad made with fresh mixed greens, nitrate-free ham, Swiss cheese, onions, olives, cucumber and tomatoes. Served with our homemade 1000 Island dressing.

Carbs:7.3g Protein:28.4g Fat:33.3g Calories:449

Contains: Dairy, Egg

Gluten Free
beef stew_edited.jpg

Beef Stew

There’s nothing quite like a slow-cooked stew! Tender chunks of quality beef and vegetables like celery, onions, mushrooms and green beans in an herby tomato broth. Curl up with a bowl of stew and a blanket and enjoy!

Carbs:3.5g Protein:30.7g Fat:13.7g Calories:279

Gluten Free
picatta tilapia with bacon creamed spinach 2_edited.jpg

Picata Tilapia Over Bacon Creamed Spinach

A portion of tender tilapia pan-fried in a parmesan coating with a delightful white wine caper sauce. Our fam-favorite creamed spinach with bacon is the perfect accompaniment. 

Carbs:3.8g Protein:42.5g Fat:33.4g Calories:530

Contains: Dairy, Tree Nuts, Egg & Fish

Gluten Free
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